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Event streams


Event Streams enable event to be produced and consumed by mutliple different services. For example, ActionEvents are created on various user actions such as votes, comment, reminds etc and can be consumer by multiple services such as notifications, analytics and the recommendations engine.

We use Apache Pulsar for our streams.

EventStreams Topic

A topic is a channel which can produce and consume events. A topic can have multiple subscriptions. The ActionEventsTopic for example is responsible for validating the schema, sending the event and also allowing services to subscribe and consume these events.

Setting up

bin/pulsar-admin tenants create minds-com
bin/pulsar-admin namespaces create minds-com/engine

Sending events

An example (comment event)


$actionEvent = new ActionEvent();
'comment_urn' => $comment->getUrn(), // The urn of the comment we just created
->setEntity($entity) // The entity we are commenting on
->setUser($comment->getOwnerEntity()); // Who made the comment

$actionEventTopic = new ActionEventsTopic(); // The topic
$actionEventTopic->send($actionEvent); // Simple, right?


Subscribing to events

An example (notification)

First, we need to create a subscription class that implements the SubscriptionInterface interface.


class EventStreamsSubscription implements SubscriptionInterface
public function getSubscriptionId(): string
return 'notifications'; // A custom ID

public function getTopic(): TopicInterface
return new ActionEventsTopic(); // The topic we are subscribing to

public function consume(EventInterface $event): bool
// Our logic here for what to do with the event

return true; // True awknowledges the event, so it doesn't get retried


We then need to register this in Controllers/Cli/EventStreams.php so that it can be executed via php cli.php EventStreams --subscription=Core\\Notification\\EventStreamsSubscription

What is a subscription id?

A subscription id can be any string value. Subscription are idempotent, so they will be created on the fly when declared. Subscription cursors (message positions) are managed via Pulsar.